Surprising- part one

While Neil was out of town for the first time after we were married, a quilt that I ordered arrived in the mail.  Since he does not leave our family very often, I took the opportunity and rearranged our bedroom and surprised him when he got home.  This set a precedent and every time he has to go out of town I try to scheme something up.

Most memorable was the time I arranged to have the little cove under the stairs of the 900 square foot house we lived in finished out and made into an office for him. There was enough room in there for his desk and a bookshelf. So what if he couldn’t stand up straight… he had a place to call his own! Surprise!

I really enjoy decorating our house- as a frustrated artist that lacks time for any other outlet, it is a way of expressing my creativity. But why I love surprising him every chance I get… that I don’t know. Surprising Neil is hard. It’s like he knows what I’m thinking and can guess what I’m up to. But the element of surprise is not uncommon in our marriage.  For one, he loves to scare me.  Like, hides in the dark and laughs when I scream.  It’s great.  What’s even better is that our children do it now too.

But more than just the silly, after nine years of marriage I still wake up every morning with the feeling of surprise and wonder- that God blessed me with this man, that he still makes me laugh, that he loves me like he does.  Surprised because it is so much better than I expected.  And surprised because I know I don’t deserve it.

This past week we celebrated 9 years of marriage and– you guessed it, he was out of town…

Part two (with pictures!) tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Surprising- part one

  1. I have fond memories helping you paint that little study under the stairwell! I also remember the Global Bazaar at Target and the mini series of Nelli pictures you used to decorate.

    I hope the two of you keep surprising each other for the rest of your lives!

  2. you don’t know me but i know neil’s parents. i got this link from marcia’s facebook site. i always enjoy reading a good blog and am especially impressed by yours. hope you don’t mind me following along.

    i know marcia and doug through the vineyard, having attended the houston vineyard for years. i planted with the pearland vineyard 10 years ago so am very “entrenched” in the vineyard family.

    i have enjoyed seeing your family grow and enjoy life.

  3. Congratulations! Nate and I celebrate 10 years today (7/15) and it just so happens that I wrote about it on my blog:) Hope you all do something to make up for being apart on your special day. Nate and I have spent many anniversaries apart these past few years while he’s been in seminary. It’s so nice to be together today (even though one of us is golfing and one of us is babysitting over on the cul-de-sac.)

  4. Jen- yes! I had a hard time leaving all that out… You’ve experienced my craziness firsthand, my friend. Who makes their friends work when they fly thousands of miles to visit? And let’s not forget you trying to dig the car out of the snowbank (after we wrecked…after we went to the wrong airport…)with a Lego box lid! So many memories. Love you.

    Becky- Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I’m almost positive I could have dug us out if I would have had just ONE more Lego lid…yep, almost certain!

    I remember fuh-reaking out when the Snow-blower truck was digging us out…didn’t I jump in our lap or something?! Oh, the memories!

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