Surprising- part three

The story (part one) and more pictures (part two)!

I can’t say much about making this bed without mentioning how incredibly helpful my parents were. My dad is a Renaissance man- he’s a doctor, he’s a professor, he’s a sailor, an artist and a craftsman. He did not hesitate when I asked him to help me, he never does, and the hours we spent in the garage sweating and making the bed are a treasure to me. My mother’s selfless love and service for her family are my inspiration- she really does everything as “unto the Lord.” She helped watch the kids while my dad and I worked. She’s amazing and I’m sure you will read much about her here in the future.

I found the plans for the bed on It is the Farmhouse King size bed. I printed out all the Farmhouse beds plans because there are tips and instructions applicable to the process in each plan. After purchasing the wood we got to work!

Everything came together easily- the only hiccups we had were my fault! Ana does a great job making things simple- my only advise is to cut your pieces to fit your particular bed as you need them, not according to the measurements given.

I sanded and primed the bed- the hardest part was waiting for the coats to dry! We used an electric sander and water-based primer. I think what gives the bed a more professional finish is sanding it between coats.

I painted the bed with antique white by Glidden in semi-gloss. I bought a gallon which is way too much! Although we hesitated about distressing the bed, I am so glad we did. We sanded all the edges and corners and applied a mocha glaze that wipes off.  This made the wood showing through darker and the whole bed warmer.

The entire project cost about $150- not bad considering this.

This bed is heavy and sturdy. It has the feel of an heirloom piece of furniture and I am confident it will last for generations! Of course as soon as we set it up a little someone who shall remain nameless added some pencil artwork to the footboard… and it wiped right off! I wanted to paint the walls too but I have to say I am really loving the simplicity and light!

Everything about this project was a delight- from working with my dad to seeing the expression on Neil’s face.

Bunkbeds next?

30 thoughts on “Surprising- part three

  1. Okay, questions for you: How many coats of paint did you end up doing? Would a half gallon of paint be enough for the whole thing, or not quite? Did you assemble the entire thing and then paint it, or did you do the final assembly (connecting the headboard and footboard) after painting?

    The bed looks great! Ours is coming along nicely – we’re finishing building it tonight and will start painting this week! I’m debating whether to use the same white that we used for our trim or a softer antique white like you used…

    • Haley- We did two coats of paint on the “visible” parts of the bed (front and sides of headboard and footboard). Everywhere else- one coat! Half a gallon would be plenty! We connected the headboard and footboard after we painted because we built it at my parents’ house and had to transport it to my house! If you are debating on whites… When you prime it you will get an idea of what the “white white” looks like. We started by painting the back side of the headboard to make sure it was the right shade. The antique white looks great if you’re planning on distressing the bed. My trim and doors are lighter than the bed and it is not noticeable! Is your bed king or queen size? Glad you guys are almost done- I’d love to see a picture of it!

      I saw the bunkbeds on a blog- The family just built an amazing house and she posted lots of inspiration photos- the picture is from Traditional Home. We are planning on putting the three boys in the same room when we move the youngest to a bed- but I don’t think we have the room to pull that off!

  2. Marian,
    I am so glad that you are blogging! I can keep up with you and your little cutie pies!
    The bedroom is so cute. Great job!!!
    Looking forward to reading your blog in the future. Say hello to your Mom for me.

  3. I can’t imagine how in the world you do all that you do!!! Then take the time yo share it with us! No one can walk in your shoes, but we can admire them! So much deep love!!

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  5. I want bunkbeds like that so bad for my boys!!! You did a beautiful job on the farmhouse bed. Thank you for sharing 🙂 (just linked over from Ana-White). Hope you are enjoying it!

  6. Your bed ROCKS! If you have time, would you mind answering a couple of questions about constructing it? 1st, did you use a boxspring? (From your pics it looks like you did.) We just bought a new king bed and the box spring is 2 twins which means there would need to be support other than cleats along the side. Did you encounter this dilemma? How did you solve it?
    Once again, I love your bed! I have scoured the internet looking for something I like and that will not cost me an arm and a leg. I keep coming back to this one. Hopefully I can convince my husband or my daddy to tackle this with me!

    • Hi Lea,
      Thank you! Yes, we use a boxsping. We actually attached a metal bed frame to the headboard and footboard so that serves as support for our mattress set. We never made the wooden frame that Ana recommends- I don’t think you need a box spring for that one but I am not sure. It has worked out great for us! Let me know how it goes!

  7. Love your bed! We’ve been slowly building one in our garage!

    I do have one question though… I have a gallon of Glidden Antique White in my garage, and to me, it’s more of a bright white than a neutral bright… so I guess I’m just wondering if yours is really white as well… or if the glaze helped with that? And… what kind of glaze did you use?


    • The glidden antique white is pretty white- I’ve used different brands on my walls that are more “off-white”. But I really like the way the bed turned out- it looks like a store bought bed. The glaze (I linked to it in the post) does warm it up.

  8. I just wondered if your bed was a king bed. I am having a hard time finding the board lists for a king bed. Do you have the plans for a king that I could get from you?

  9. I have a question about how you applied the mocha glaze. Did you just apply the glaze to just the spots that you distressed or on the whole head/footboard? Also was your glaze a faux glaze? Thanks for all your help! Your bed is beautiful!!!

  10. I love your bed!! I am planning to tackle building one myself. I was wondering how you attached your metal frame to the headboard and footboard? Is it the kind that has wheels on it? I actually don’t have a frame yet, but do have a box spring. Our (queen) bed is currently sitting on the floor. Any suggestions of what kind of frame to get and how to attach it? Thanks!

  11. Hi-
    I LOVE YOUR BED!!! I made the Fancy Farmhouse bed and a footboard to match(smiles)..I also used the antique white that you used. And am also debating on distressing…But I plan on using a polycrylic to seal mine. Did you do this? Also did you sand in between paint coats and just leave it after the final coat? It seems as if sanding it takes the finish off some. So Im thinking im going tohave to do one more coat. Any suggestions???

    • I did not use a seal on mine. Yes, sanded between coats. I think it really helps make the finish look professional! I am really happy I distressed mine, it makes it looks so much warmer!

  12. Hello,
    What a beautiful bed! I am inspired to make one like it. Do you happen to recall where you bought your bedskirt from? Anyways, love the whole look!
    Thanks so much!

  13. Could you explain how you actually went about antiquing it? We have the lumber waiting in our dining room but for the life of me I cant figure out how to make it look antique-y.

  14. I know it’s been a while since this post but I am about to paint my bedroom grey and was wondering if you knew what color/brand the grey paint is? Thanks so much…your bed turned out beautifully!

  15. Hey there, looks amazing. My husband and I just finished the construction. Wondering with the mocha glaze if you only wiped that on where you sanded or all over the bed? Thanks so much.

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