Homemade Deodorant

The government does not regulate or test the ingredients that are found in personal care products. This means that deodorant, make-up, and hair product companies can put anything into their products, label it anything they want, and put it on the shelves for us to buy.

While it is impossible to avoid all chemicals and toxins in our modern society, there are small things I can do to prevent unhealthy amounts of exposure to things that are potentially harmful. No one knows if and how harmful they are because, like I said, they are not tested. I can go crazy thinking about these things–how they affect my health, my children’s health and the environment. I have tried over the last eight years or so to strike a healthy balance in the way that I think about eating and consuming responsibly. I’ve found that some areas are easier than others and that I need to be constantly checking my motives.

The truth of the matter is that in America we are allowed choices that most of the world does not have. Keeping that in mind, I am responsible to choose what is best for my family in the context that I live in.  Making my own deodorant in a very, very small way that I can reduce potentially harmful chemicals from my life and save money. It’s just that simple–I haven’t done enough research to try to convince you that Proctor and Gamble are trying to kill you. There are some who have. But the point of this is not to rebel against a corrupt system, because the very ingredients that I buy for my homemade deodorant come from the same system. The point is to encourage all of us to start with the small things that in the end, added up, will make a difference.

I found a recipe that I am so happy with–it is super simple and easy to make–and it works! You will sweat. This is not an antiperspirant. But you will not smell, have bacteria growing in your armpits or slowly accumulate aluminum in your pores!

Deo for you B.O.

1/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup arrowroot powder

4 TBS coconut oil

10 (or more) shakes of essential oil

-Mix together well, put in a small container, and refrigerate to set.

The ingredients listed can get somewhat expensive, but I have made four batches of this and still have plenty left. I think they will last me at least one year! I used grapefruit essential oil. You can use any scent you like, just make sure it blends with coconut. The scent is really mild and it wears off after putting it on. Let me know if you try it!

recipe via howaboutorange

6 thoughts on “Homemade Deodorant

  1. good deodorant is one theme of my dad’s life! =) he cracks me up because he’s so against the mainstream deodorants and only gets the deodorant crystals (they’re at whole foods). i tried the crystals, and let’s just say they didn’t perform. i’d like to try this and see if it works!

  2. Hmmmm. Thoughtful post. You’re obviously a DIY’er by nature or necessity. My tendency is to leave it to the professionals. But this post makes me rethink it.

    Some Questions: what is the consistency of the end product deodorant? Pasty? How do u apply it? How would you suggest dealing with the stickiness associated with perspiration?

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Oh…another question: why coconut? I personally do not like that scent at all. Can u suggest something else? The grapefruit part is great bc I tend to lean more towards citric fruit/bright scents. But the coconut part…not so appealing. Didn’t know if that was an essential part of the recipe

    • Hi Becky-
      The coconut scent fades and I only smell the citrus once I apply it- I am the same way, not a fan of coconut. The reason for the coconut oil is for it’s consistency- it kind of “glues” everything together and provides moisture. I know people use it by itself to cook AND moisturize their skin! I have not tried anything else. The baking soda and arrowroot powder absorb moisture and odor, and the essential oils have anti-bacterial properties. If you refrigerate it for a bit, it has the consistency of butter or margarine! I take a little bit and rub it between my fingers and apply it that way. As far as the stickiness- I have had to get used to the lack of anti-perspirant, but it hasn’t been bad. And we have temperatures reaching triple digits daily! Thanks for your comments!

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