The Fourth at Two

Augustine turned two last week. I wanted to share some pictures from the last year to celebrate, knowing that these pictures cannot show the joy that this boy has brought to our lives.

Shopping in pajamas

Last summer

One year ago- tasting his first cake!

18 months- grew some wings


We are constantly amazed at how awesome you are. You are always happy, always peaceful. You have acquired quite a vocabulary thanks to your older siblings, and love to “whisper” secrets. You love to play with trains, you love to play with your brothers and sister, and you love to be outside. You are very friendly, even to strangers. You say “thank you” for everything that is given to you. You love to sing, especially the Doxology before meals. You have “memorized” quite a bit of scripture, again thanks to your older siblings. You love to laugh and make us laugh.

You love to eat and take your time doing so. Long after your siblings have cleaned up and gone to play, you sit at the table, eating while I wash the dishes. Maybe you like to eat slow. Maybe you like to keep me company. Maybe you realize there are few moments in the day to have mama all to yourself.

You love to give hugs and have recently figured out that everybody else gets to stay up and read at night so you are working hard at sitting and listening so you can stay up too! At bedtime, when I tell you, “Most of all, Jesus loves you!” your response is always, “Thank you, Mama.”

Auggie, this is just a list of the things you are up to at two years old so that some day we can look back and remember more clearly. Just like these pictures cannot capture the joy you’ve brought to our family, words cannot describe how thankful we are for you. You are a child of the living God, bought with a price and rescued for eternity. His joy is what shines through you, His joy is what makes people stop and talk to you, and His joy is the reason you exist.  Our prayer is that you will know that joy more and more each day, and count everything else loss in comparison.

Happy Birthday, Augustine John!

(Note: the first, sixth and seventh pictures–the good ones–were taken by my best friend, Jenny.)

8 thoughts on “The Fourth at Two

  1. Crying again, Mariana. You’re killing me:)

    We love you August and are so happy God has blessed us all with your life.


  2. It was a pure joy reading about Augustines second year. I am a grandmother of six and soon to be seven grands, with my two kids convinced homeschooling is the best of the best! I am so grateful to God for His direction in this. Your blog makes my heart happy every time I read it. I thoroughly love the intentional way you guide your children to love God completely and look to Him in every way. I pray for you and your family each time I read this site. Thank you for your ministry through it.

    • Hi Nancy, Thanks for your comment- I really appreciate your prayers! I know grandmas know how to pray! I will be posting more about homeschooling once school starts for us- the Lord has really used it to bless and grow our family. Congratulations on your growing family- what a blessing! Marian

  3. Beautiful post, Mari! I love little August and wish we only lived closer so him and Sam could be best buddies.

    Happy Birthday, August! I’ll never forget the day your mommy told me she was pregnant with you!

  4. Beautiful post honoring precious August. He is just the happiest little guy. Your blog is a blessing to me. I love reading about your sweet family.

    • Hi Sandy! One of the things that I love about having a blog is that it allows me to be connected to people I love but don’t normally cross paths with- like you! Thanks for your comments- I’d love more info on the Heidi movie. Love, Marian

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  5. I had to re-read this one after reading your post on Jeremiah. I’m thrilled for your children who will be able to look back on your blogs about your family. They will get an even better glimpse of your (and Neil’s) great love for them. What a gift!! Keep it up. May you be even MORE blessed thru this vein of creavity and expression.

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