The second at six

his request- chocolate soccer ball cake

Dear Jeremiah,

Ever since you started to talk, you have asked a lot of questions. Any one who knows you and is reading this is smiling and nodding. “Why?” was the first, but it has not worn off as it does with most children. You were offended a few years back when some one tried to stop the flow of questions by saying, “You’re just a curious little boy, aren’t you?” I had to explain that curious means, for our purposes, smart.

You ask because you really want to know. You want to know how things are made: how the steering wheel turns the tires, how a camera captures a picture, how a battery provides power. And you really want to know why: why mommy drinks coffee, why your skin burns in the sun, and why it is so hard to stop sucking your thumb.

We have learned to give you the most honest, thorough answers to your inquires because more questions are sure to follow. And I have to confess that every once in a while I answer, “My brain is really tired of thinking up all these answers. Can we rest?”

Your questions are often a glimpse into your heart. It is a privilege to be part of the conversation, the process that goes on in your soul as you work through things. And so many times after long discussions, drawn diagrams, and google searches, whatever the answer is usually points to the Final Answer.

For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever.

As you begin this new year, our prayer is that your questions will continue. That we will continue to have the honor of being viewed, in your eyes, as ones who know the truth. And that your heart will become more and more accustomed to trust, and find peace, in the Keeper of All Secrets.

Happy birthday, Jeremiah James!

7 thoughts on “The second at six

  1. He is a precious one. Thank you for nurturing him in all God’s ways. Thank you for your patience and perception to the uniqueness of each of your children’s needs. You are a godly mother and I am so thankful that you have been given the responsibility and honor of parenting these I love so much. Love you:)

  2. Hey Marian!

    Morrow’s birthday is coming up soon, and he’s obsessed with balls! I would love to make him a basketball cake (or have someone else make him one at this point)! What recipe did you use?

    BTW your frosting job is spectacular!

    • Hi Molly! Congratulations on the birth of your little ones! I’ve been following along on your blog- you are amazing!
      This cake came together pretty quickly- my sisinlaw helped me and I think it took about an hour (after baking)! I used a box chocolate cake, minus an egg, and filled it with Nutella. Yes I did. 🙂 YUM!
      I lined a 9′ pan with a bake even strip and it domed nicely- no need for shaping or using a special pan. The frosting is not frosting at all- it’s fondant!

  3. Love that precious little Jeremiah. All your children are so curious…smart!!
    They are so full of joy and a pure pleasure to have around.

  4. Jeremiah-
    Happy Birthday Buddy! I am hear in Austin now. I really wish we could go fishing this weekend for your Birthday. Maybe you can ask your mom and dad to bring you to Austin to see me. I think there are Feechie Folks all around my backyard.
    Your Friend,

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