We are on vacation this week and my camera battery died. I will post a recap in the next few days, but until then I thought maybe Sam, our four year old,  would entertain you… He is our quietest child–in our family that means that he stops to take a breath between sentences. It seems like lately everything that comes out of his mouth cracks us up.

Coming from the playroom yesterday morning, “Augie you are a bad boy! Bad bad bad bad! B-O-C- bad!”

In a hurry, entering a public restroom, “Um, mama, you have a magazine I can read?”

At a restaurant for lunch, “Jeremiah, you have cheeseburgeritis.”

In the car, “Your birthday money is no match for my birthday money!”

In the pool, “Dad, if you had a mohawk and it was on fire, it would be called a fire hawk.”

Sam: “I am not going to get married.”

Me, teasing: “What about Meredith (new little friend)?”

Sam: “What’s a meredith?”

At Mamu’s house, “I can’t share with you Elijah, I only have two!”

Of course these are much more funny to us because we know him, and we know that he never really tries to be funny. It’s been a joy to watch this guy grow into his personality.

And this guy makes us laugh sometimes too.

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