Vacation. We had grand plans. We made reservations. We had visions of relaxing poolside and long afternoon naps… And then we remembered we have four kids. Going anywhere with our crew is a lot of work. Trips are always fun and provide for quality family time, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them relaxing. And after a long summer filled with changes, work, and activities, we needed to take a breath and relax. So we headed to my parents’ house!

The lake, the pool, the playground, and the trail combined with the extra help with the kids and meals made for a very relaxing and peaceful week.  We spent most of our time in the pool, and I unfortunately did not snap any pictures of our little fish! We also found some fun things to do locally that the kids hadn’t done before…

We went bowling in the middle of the day to escape the heat. The place was empty so the kids got to explore a bit. We saw a lot of this:

It was really a lesson in patience as we, kids included, waited… and waited… and waited for the balls to make it down the alley. They got the hang of it though, and by the end of our time there August was the only one laying down for nap while his ball made it to the pins.

We also visited the Railroad Museum. All my boys have been obsessed with trains at one point or another, and this seemed to spark it all back to life.

They climbed antique engines, waved tearful pretend good-byes from the back of a caboose, and were all together enthralled by the size and detail of the machines. There were buttons to push, doors to slide open, and crazy phones with wires attached to call home with.

There is something magical about trains, and I wish they were really running to catch this one…

After the museum we had lunch on The Strand and visited an old candy factory. Another magical place. Maybe just for me…

We wrapped up the day with a visit to the army surplus store. The kids had a blast rummaging through everything, I was afraid I would lose one of them in the piles and piles of camoflouge and tin. As souvenirs, our girl picked out a pin with a sword on it, “to represent the Spirit.” The boys picked out bullets the size of bananas. No spiritual significance.

The weekend consisted of extended family fun. My niece turned one, but that’s another post!

Not very exciting to some, but for us, it was a perfect week of relaxation.

Gracias Mama y Papa!


2 thoughts on “Staycation

  1. Love reading about your fun times with the four Anderson kiddos! What a great visit and I am sure you made great memories for all of you. Keep enjoying those babies!! They grow up way too fast.

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