Classical, University Model

Our family is a part of a Classical, University Model School. I will briefly explain what this means, but  the journey that led us here is another story of God’s provision and faithfulness. He has allowed not only the convictions but also the desires of our hearts to be realized for educating our children.

Uniforms ready!

Our oldest three kids will start school Monday! Going to a University Model School means that they go to class on campus on Mondays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays they are at home with me. Parents are considered co-teachers, so I will teach lessons, perform experiments, grade papers, and administer tests on the days they are at home. University Model Schooling combines the best of a private, Christian school with homeschooling. Parents are the ultimate authority in the child’s life and the school exists to serve the family in the academic disciplines.

Books ready!

Pretty soon after we began researching education for our oldest daughter, we discovered the ancient, classical way of teaching children.  The classical education method is based on the Trivium, using different emphasis on teaching methods that correlate with the child’s developmental phase. The content is rich in literature and history, with the goal of integrating all subjects and equipping students with the tools of learning. The quote on the back of their field trip t-shirts says, “Non shcolae sed vitea discimus.” We learn not for school, but for life. Classical education, for us, has been the means of teaching our children knowledge that we hope, leads to wisdom.

Much has been written about both these distinctive aspects of education that we have grown to treasure for our family. What we treasure the most, however, is the third priority that our school upholds, and that is to be Christ-centered. We are excited about the school year, and I will continue to share this week the practical ways we will go about homeschooling one child in Pre-K, one in Kindergarden, and one in Second grade. And one in the School of Demolition.

8 thoughts on “Classical, University Model

  1. Thanks for posting this! Our son is only 6 months old but we’ve been talking/praying about school already and this sounds perfect!

  2. Catching up on your posts this evening:) We started our school year this week also, and I see several of the same books on your stack that are on our shelf. We are having so much fun! May you have a wonderful year full of learning together. Lovely posts, too.


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  4. I have never heard of this type of schooling before.. mostly because it is not offered here. But it sounds great. We homeschool our children and love it.

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