Silly Trends

For better or worse, and mostly because we don’t own a television, our kids are somewhat sheltered from a lot of the trends that come and go. I became aware of silly bands long before they did. After we went to the train museum, I saw train-themed silly bands at the gas station so I picked some up. I hyped up my surprise before handing them out in the car. Their reaction was… well, probably not what the silly band makers are hoping for. The silly bands did not last long- lost, dropped or forgotten over the next few days.

Since then, they have clued in and caught on to how you’re supposed to collect them and trade them and whatnot. So when Neil’s grandma bought them some, they were thrilled. Treasures! My kids, participating in mainstream childhood, yey!

A week and an afternoon with their uncle later, this is what became of the trendy, so silly bands…

Meet Flipper, the homemade pinball-ish game, played with a marble that you launch off the black silly band and try to land it in the highest scoring compartment. One more reason to love silly bands!

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