Lunch Ladies

We had an unusual homeschool day last week. Some of Antonella’s friends came over for the day and completed their lessons with us. They are a sweet group of girls and I am so thankful for the friends that she has.

For lunch, the girls requested “crazy kabobs”. We got creative and they had a great time preparing, and eating, their lunch!

They made mini meatballs…

Peeled and sliced hardboiled eggs…

Chopped and selected cheese, fruit, and veggies…

Cooked up the meat…

And got to work on their kabobs! Blueberry, mozzarella, green pepper, meatball, egg, tomato, avocado, grape, repeat!

So what if lunch took up most of the afternoon?

They were developing fine motor skills and self-awareness, practicing sharing and taking turns, learning kitchen safety, mathematical concepts of fractions and division, patterns, along with the intense scholarly discussion on the combination of fruits and vegetables… I’d say it was a successful homeschool day!

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