These are the days

We are half way through the first semester. I have been teaching the first grade class at our school, unexpectedly, so my days have not been what I had planned. However, I am so thankful for the days we are at home… Thankful because even though we have a couple of crazy days every week, the rest are filled with what I hope the following pictures capture- very normal homeschool days.

The easiest way for me to capture these moments throughout our days is with my phone, so the following images are a collection of photographs taken without a plan, or a flash, or a zoom… just with my phone.

The kids have been hard at work…

Antonella sits at the table to do most of her work.

Jeremiah and Sam sit in old school desks (thanks, Nina!) for some of their activities.

We take lots of trips to the library.


Some field trips…

And recess every day!

Antonella works on her project

while Jeremiah tuckers out. So much thinking and learning and studying in kindergarten… enough to wear one out!

Sam sorts and works on fine motor skills…

And August takes advantage of the grey areas in our dress code policy.

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