As I have mentioned before, seldom do I get the chance to sit at the sewing machine for extended periods of time. Most of the things that I make these days are quick, easy, and fun. And most of them are gifts for people. Antonella loves to help me, and a couple of nights ago we made a headband for her friend’s birthday… She had the idea, picked the fabrics, and sewed it together. I helped with the flower.

The headband has an elastic at the bottom and is really simple. She was so excited and wanted to keep making them. I sent her to bed because it was late, but I did stay up long enough to make myself a simple little flower!

4 thoughts on “Flowers

    • Patty,
      It is simply a 3×10 piece of fabric, folded lengthwise wrong side out, sewn along the long edge. Turn it right side out and stitch the short ends shut. Baste one long edge and pull thread to gather, and sew the folds together- easy! Add a button!

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