Daddy Date

Neil has been taking Antonella on dates since she was about two years old. They usually go out to eat and then to Starbucks to play games and talk. Although sometimes the dates are a bit more elaborate, including a roller coaster ride or a little shopping, there is one thing that every date includes- a question. The same question, actually, every time they go out together.

How’s your heart?

This tradition opens the door to the conversations that shape our daughter’s heart. She knows it’s coming, she knows that a simple “fine” will not suffice. She knows what matters to her daddy, and she knows what has eternal value.

What she may not know now, however, is that her daddy is a very tough act to follow.

5 thoughts on “Daddy Date

  1. Lord You have my heart
    And I will search for Yours
    Jesus take my life and lead me on
    Lord You have my heart
    And I will search for Yours
    Let me be to You a sacrifice

    And I will praise You Lord
    And I will sing of love come down
    And as You show Your face
    We’ll see Your glory here

    Your post made me think of this beautiful song.


  2. this brings such joy to my heart. b/c i can’t ever bear children, it’s so special to me when someone like you and neil share your lives in this way. when you invest so deeply into these precious gifts you’ve been entrusted with.

    your nina’s response is RIGHT ON!! bless you guys

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