Wormy apples

I love to surprise the kids with a fun snack on days they are on-campus all day. Sam also happened to be reading one of my favorite books this week- How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. He had apple-related activities at home and at school, including making apple sauce, baking an apple pie and counting seeds. We also had fun finding the little red house with no doors and no windows. And he loved this snack!

Wormy Apple!

I just made a hole for the worm with a pointy knife, but here’s a better way!


One thought on “Wormy apples

  1. Okay, I’m stealing that idea–very cute. Micah is doing apple-related activities now too. BTW, you had asked about the Redwall books. Nathanael is just finishing the first one with Ethan and Micah. A lot of it goes over Micah’s head, but Ethan has been totally engaged. It has really captured his imagination (in a good way.) Good and evil are clearly defined. One character scared Ethan, but I think it was more in how Nathanael read it than the actual depiction in the book. He got over it. Some of the language may be strong, but easily skipped or changed. Excellent book! Ethan’s already talking about going on to the next one.

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