Charlotte’s Web Party

Jeremiah’s kindergarten class finished listening to Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White this week, and to celebrate I helped organize a simple party. I was able to snap a few pictures of the activities while running around helping!

We divided the class into four groups and had them rotate through different stations in the room.

First, was Zuckerman’s Farm, where Charlotte hung on her web. The kids dug through the “dumpster” trash, like Templeton, and had to find words that describe Wilbur.


Then they each had to write the word out with white pipe cleaners and place it on the web to make it look like Charlotte wrote it!

These are some of the words they found…

The next station was the Somerset County Fair! The kids played a few carnival games and won prizes.

The prizes were small plastic pigs, rings with scenes from the book, “ticket” candy, and crazy straws.

For the next station, I brought our farm animals, small blocks, and a carnival Lego set. They got to build their own scenes from the story on the floor.

The last station was set up for coloring. We printed coloring pages and provided crayons… a few little girls asked if they could stay at this station!

For snack they had popcorn and pig cake pops!

The kids really enjoyed the party, and after sitting quietly all semester through the whole book… they deserved it!

Two things I simply forgot to do… I wanted to bring buttermilk for them to taste, and E.B. White has written a letter to children that I wanted to read to them. Oh well, I’ll have a kindergartener next year!

4 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Web Party

  1. Hi there!
    I came here after I saw your amazing beds on Oh Dee Doh! I was just reading some of your past posts and saw that you mentioned Heather (Sit a Spell). She is a friend of mine, and it made my day to see her words on your blog!
    Love your blog, btw!

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