Kid Park

We take our dog to the dog park a couple of times a week. I never thought we’d be the type of family that does that, but it turns out that the dog park is great for the whole family. The park is fenced in with a trail around the perimeter. It also boasts an obstacle course for dogs. While the dog runs and gets her exercise, I can relax on a bench and watch the kids run and get exercise too. There’s no dangerous drop-offs at the highest monkey bars, no street they can run out to. So… maybe we take our kids to the dog park and the dog happens to enjoy it as well.

Antonella and Alice

Sam is about to say something funny…

It’s cold enough to put your hood up, y’all.

Wipe my face. I dare you.

4 thoughts on “Kid Park

  1. I thought we were the only ones who did this! We take our boys to the dog park here in Dallas and let them have a blast…we don’t have a dog but we get to enjoy all the different ones there. Maybe someday we’ll have one but for now our children keep us plenty busy. They LOVE going.

    We enjoy it too!

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