One peaceful moment

While I made dinner tonight, August sat at the table and cried for food. “Fooooood mama! Mama! A yittle snack!” He wailed.

Antonella was no where to be found to help.

Jeremiah sat nearby listening to music on his headphones. He couldn’t hear himself, and he sang loud and off-key.

Samuel ran around with a wooden sword on his back, making some sort of indescribable battle noises. I had to ban him from the kitchen.

Dinner followed suit, with interrupting exclamations and increasing volume.

Then, Advent. A moment of peace.

And then… Auggie’s head knocked Sam’s two front teeth into his palate, and I had to grab them with a paper towel and yank them back into place. There was a lot of blood and some screaming.

And now… Our home is filled with peace again. The children are sleeping.


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