Christmas Recap

Please bear with me as I catch up on a few holiday posts… A week without the internet and I’ve fallen behind!  It is important to me to record these memories, and I hope you enjoy a glimpse into our families’ traditions…


Every year, Neil’s entire family- all 16 of us- spend the night at his parent’s house to celebrate Christmas. This usually happens on a night that is not actually Christmas, mainly so that everybody can be there before the holiday season ramps up.

As soon as everyone arrived this year, Neil’s dad (the kids call him Beandaddy, one of my kids couldn’t say “Grandaddy”) declared it was time to go to the levy, a big hill by their house. In Texas, we don’t have mountains, we have ditches.

And we don’t have snow, we have dead grass. You can imagine the excitement when Beandaddy’s truck pulled up with this…

The kids, and one adult (yes, Neil), all took turns flipping and flopping down the hill.


The little ones had other means of transportation… all the kids enjoyed these while waiting for their turn in the bubble.

They could not have been more excited. Some dream of a white Christmas… My kids will grow up dreaming of a purple bubble and uncontrollable laughter.

“Christmas Eve” festivities include the Santa Hat Game- we pass the hat around while music plays and when it stops whoever is holding it has to reach in a pull out a piece of paper with something to do… Share a memory, dress up and sing Rudolph, kiss your brother-in-law… It’s really very funny.

Beandaddy also leads the family in a devotional, and he does such a great job at including the kids. He read to them from Isaiah, discussing the names of Christ.

The adults draw names and we open our gifts after the kids go to bed. Neil’s parents still fill the hand-embroidered stockings for all of us, and we are supposed to wait until the morning to open them but we never do.

The next morning, after enjoying the traditional breakfast of coffee cake, eggs,and sausage, the kids take turns opening gifts…

I love that by the time they are getting their gifts, their hearts are filled with memories and love and the joy that represents this season- I deeply appreciate how intentional and thoughtful my in-laws are, especially at Christmas time.


One thought on “Christmas Recap

  1. This is lovely! I follow your blog from Atlanta while I stay home w/ my little four! (Our blog is crazy outdated…. one day maybe I’ll start again!)

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