Snow Days

On Christmas day, we woke up at five in the morning, bundled the kids in blankets and plopped them in the car one by one. Their stockings were waiting for them in the car, and as the sun rose we told them they could open a gift every two hours. There were ten small, dollar store gifts in their stockings. Yes, twenty hours in the car later… we arrived in Colorado!

We stayed at a friends’ cabin in the mountains, on a lake. The cabin was cozy and comfortable with amazing, breath-taking views. The first two days were perfect, sunny and relatively warm. We went to Purgatory one day and the kids loved the big tubing slides. We rented a snowboard and the three older ones took turns trying it out on the slopes around our cabin. They all got the hang of it, but Jeremiah was doing jumps and tricks by the end of the week. Glad we didn’t pay for ski school!

And then it started snowing. For three days, it snowed. We were prepared and thankfully had enough food and parked our car on high ground. The snow did not stop us from getting out there to play and sled.

The kids were thrilled to be in the snow and they enjoyed every minute of it. Well, August would sometimes refuse to walk any further and declare, “I can’t do it.” The snow was up to his chin!

We had a very restful, yet active, family vacation! It was really fun to surprise the kids and enjoy time away from our daily routines. If you are curious how our kids do on a 20 hour, two day road trip, tomorrow I will share our plan of attack! This picture was taken right outside our cabin…

3 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. love love love!! all of your posts just really bless me! i wish i could sometimes transport to your part of the “world” and share life with your wonderful family and kids. bless you–keep up the great writing!

  2. Just saw your blog on ohdeedoh, love the boys room!! I have a shared room with two girls, and soon all 3 will be in it. Love your design. Anyways, I wanted to comment on the last photo of this post, it is just STUNNING!!


  3. Querida Mariana: estuvieron tus papis por casa en su ultimo viaje a Nqn, soy la esposa de Osvaldetti Marinaldo, como dice tu papá! Ellos me dieron esta direccion y aunque no entendi NADA por el idioma, me encantaron las fotos, tu familia, en especial tus hermosos hijos, se los ve tan aplicados y felices! te felicito!! los felicito!! Dios les bendiga mucho mas!! Osvaldo, Laly, Ailen y Andrés Marinetti

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