Putting Sam, our four year old, in Pre-K was a hard decision for us. We value so much keeping the kids home during the precious early years, and our older two did not start “official” schooling until they were six. There were several factors, however, that really made the choice clear, including the fact that his teacher is amazing! Another thing we took into consideration was knowing how much I would have to focus on the older two kids’ lessons, and I really did not want to neglect him during the at-home days. Sam being in Pre-K has been a blessing on so many levels, and it has allowed me to give him individualized attention. So many of the activities that he got to do as part of his curriculum are things that we have done in our home, especially with the older kids. But with the older two in school, I am not sure I could have, or would have, made the time for him to experience as much as he did. He loved his activities and looked forward to them every day.

I took pictures with my phone of several of the activities and I wanted to share them because they are simple, hands-on things you can do at home with your little ones. They all reinforce areas of development during the toddler years. Most of these activities are found in the book Mommy Teach Me by Barbara Curtis. I highly recommend the book for anyone who wants to add some purpose and perspective to at-home activities. In the book, she clearly explains how to go about each of the activities, making the connection to the significance of training our children in the Lord.

Nine times out of ten, the other kids would want to join in also! We usually have some sort of hands-on activity right before lunch, either from Sam’s lesson or an art project, and as a side note, this is what keeps them busy while I make lunch!

Practicing letters in rice- other options are flour, sugar or sand.

Sorting Legos with salad tongs.

Transferring water from one container to another with a sponge.

Peeling carrots!

Slicing apples for apple sauce.

Transferring water with a dropper. I saved one from a medicine bottle. Adding food coloring to the water makes it more interesting!

Transferring beans from one container to another… Always left to right.

Sam has practiced and developed his hand-eye coordination, left to right sequence, sorting, handwriting, patience, attention span, and so important at this age–self-control! But it is clear to Sam, and became clear to us, that the purpose of all these activities is one thing… mere training for the more important things in that boy’s life…


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