Family Pictures


I have a very talented best friend. She lives far away from me and although it makes me sad, our frequent phone calls and our little blogs keep us connected. When she visits, it is really like she never left.

She is an amazing friend, everything that the word means- she is.

We have shared our lives for fifteen years, mostly through long distance phone calls that last hours interrupted by short visits across the country.

She met Neil before I did and told me I would marry him.

She was there when I found out my first born would be a girl.

She loves her family passionately.

She makes time to drive to my house every time she is in Texas.

She reminded me through pain, “This is God’s mercy on you.”

She tried to dig my minivan, that had hydroplaned and hit the median wall, out of the snow with a Lego box lid.

She makes me laugh.

We will write a book together one day, and you will laugh.

When she visits, she brings her camera. She is a photographer, skilled and gifted, and this past Friday my family put those skills to the test.


As the wind blew and my kids shrieked, Jen and I just looked at each other knowingly and laughed… no surprise, just another chapter for our book. Click through to read about it and see the rest of the pictures.

I love you Jen, and I am forever grateful for your friendship.

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