Boys’ Bedroom Resources

Marketplace is Apartment Therapy’s online source for shoppers who want to make their homes more beautiful, organized & healthy.” – from their website

Apartment Therapy Marketplace did a wonderful job putting together a list of resources for the boys’ bedroom, complete with links and more ideas! Go check it out if you want to get the look!

12 thoughts on “Boys’ Bedroom Resources

  1. Thanks for the link! But my biggest question is still unanswered– what lights, exactly, did you put inside the Home Depot “bulkhead” fixtures? Were they they round push-lights that are fairly common? Those aren’t LED, and I thought I read something that said you did use LED lights. I have two bulkhead lights ready and just waiting for their insides!

    • Yes, they are the push on lights- not LED. I was mistaken. I think I linked to the actual lights somewhere… We are hoping to do a video post showing how to put the lights together soon!

      • Thanks for the reply! A video would be SO helpful… but I am an impatient squirrel, so I am sitting here with push-on lights, one of the bulkhead fixtures, a screwdriver, and a cup of tea. “Can we build it? YES WE CAN!”

      • Hi there, I emailed you this past weekend, but figured I’d jump on here just in case it goes to your spam folder. I really want to recreate these lights for my son’s room. I don’t understand what light you put inside the fixture…a tap light doesn’t have an on/off switch which you mentioned yours having that your husband stretched to the outside. All of the tap lights I’m seeing are where you literally tap the bulb on and off, which can’t be done if it’s inside the nautical-looking fixture. please help! thanks so much! erin

  2. What are the dimensions of your boys room? I’m trying to figure out if I can fit them into my two sons’ room. Are your beds the same size as the AnaWhite plans? We have one wall that I think will work but I also have a closet door to contend with.

  3. Love your room! Recently painted our boys (8,7,2) room the same exact color! Looks great, but we have navy bunk beds and wood floors. Since your room looks so put together, do you have any suggestions of what color accessories would look good with these blue beds?

  4. Just wanted to say how inspired and in peace your boys room gave me. We are in the process of buying a 2BR apartment. My husband is concerned about the space, he thinks we should buy bigger.
    I’ve always wanted at least 3 kids, and I was going to settle with 2. But this room has made my heart at peace, knowing it’s possible to have 3 kids in one bedroom.
    I love that they can share nights routine and hopefully when they are older we can afford a bigger place.
    Thank you, you have a lovely family.

  5. Hi, We are in the process of making these beds…yay=) And I was wondering if you stained or put any kind of finish on these? Thank you!

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