This Week : Eyes

I’ve mentioned before that people often ask me if my kids are all mine. I have to admit that they all look different, with only a couple resembling each other. One of the ways that they are all different is their eyes. I was noticing this week that they vary and are unique, each in their own way.

Antonella: When I got glasses when I was your age, my dad told me that it was because my eyes were so pretty they had to be put in display windows. And I think he said the same thing to you!

Jeremiah: Your eyes are green, or “camouflage green” as you like to say. However, it was hard to find a picture that shows the color because they disappear when you smile. Another way that you are like your daddy!

Samuel: You have the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. And they smile before your lips do.

August: You are starting to pick up on the fact that your eyes are two different colors. While standing in line at a store the other day, someone said, “His eyes are two different colors!” and you responded, “Yup, one blue and one orange!”

2 thoughts on “This Week : Eyes

  1. This post made me smile. 🙂 My son doesn’t look much like me or my husband – but he has my mother’s eyes. The shape, the color, and the way that they look so directly into you. It’s a nice thought on a dreary day.

  2. My husband is dark, and I’m light (skin, hair, eyes). Our daughter doesn’t look like either of us. Instead we tell her she’s the mix of us both – down to the brown section in one of her blue eyes!

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