Excuses, excuses

I am struggling to find time to post for several reasons, friends. We began a small kitchen “make over” that, as is the case with all such things, is taking more time than anticipated. We went to a few antique stores around town to look for light fixtures and the one I picked was was deemed “the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen” by the shop owner. Hm. You’ll have to decide when I post pictures when we are done.

Also, the kids have been passing around a little virus, one by one. Thankfully it only lasts for about a day, and we seem to be on the tail end of it. All that to say, I hope to get back to a more regular posting schedule soon, and hopefully show you guys the kitchen!

The kids eating breakfast in the living room while the kitchen and dining room are upside down!

2 thoughts on “Excuses, excuses

  1. Augie’s hair is so short!!!!

    Also, I see you got the double sink! What made you change your mind? I don’t think you will regret it.

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