This Week: Faith

Bedtime Bible reading, circa 9/08

Antonella: You started a quiet time journal, and on the first page you explain that in the journal you will write about your day, what Bible passage you read, and your prayer. After the brief explanation it says, “If you are reading this, enjoy!” I was caught off guard by this statement because journals are usually private and sometimes secretive. I had never thought about “faith like a child” being open, without secrets, without shame. I’m not sure how much longer I will be welcomed to read your journals, but I have a feeling that I will learn a lot in the time that I am.

Jeremiah and Samuel: We were in the car the other day, and out of the blue, Jeremiah, you said, “Mama, I’m not sure if Jesus lives in my heart or not… I asked Him to come into my heart, but I don’t feel anything.” Samuel, you have been discussing salvation with us quite a bit, and your quick response was, “No, Jeremiah, you don’t ask Him IN your heart, you have to ask Him for a NEW heart!” What followed was a conversation that I will always remember. Explaining the gospel to you boys was like giving you water when you are so thirsty. You both listened and asked and prayed. I wondered if I was planting a seed or watching a sprout grow.

August: You shrug your shoulders and declare, “God loves me. Jesus loves me. Mama and Dada love me.”  So simple and sure. The joy of knowing that you know without a doubt that you are loved helps me understand the heart of God toward His children a little better.

6 thoughts on “This Week: Faith

  1. I loved reading your son’s explanation of a “new” heart rather than “in” your heart. What good theology for such a young boy! We teach our children, as scripture says, that Jesus is at the right hand of God and that the Holy Spirit lives in us. There are these beautiful moments when we begin to see their individual faith “sprout”, as you said, from the seeds of truth we have given them. What an honor it is to work alongside the Lord in this process.

  2. I just love reading your blog. I feel it is a true blessing that I have found it. You inspire me to write for my kids as well and to see the little things they do in a bigger way. Thank you so much!

  3. I don’t know you or your family personally, but thank you so much for these wonderful anecdotes on your life and faith. I pray that when my husband and I have children we can instill the Lord in their hearts as you have done in your own family. I love reading your stories!

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