Work Ethic

Last week, after quite a few days of dreary weather, we had a warm, sunshiny day. The kids asked to clean the play scape, and before they could finish their question I had a bucket and sponges in their hands.

They set to work, scrubbing, sweeping, washing… all except one.

August sat in the clubhouse, slowly chewing his crackers, watching everybody else do the work.

The older kids were having a blast, but that did not seem to matter to him.

He was content to sit and watch.

The thing about growing up with older brothers though is that you rarely get away with that sort of behavior. Everybody is expected to pull their weight.

And if you don’t… well, there are consequences.


5 thoughts on “Work Ethic

  1. ahhhh, I love this! Work + fun = the greatest opportunities for Mom to experience contentment and joy in the days of child rearing. Don’t they look happy?

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