The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

The kids finished listening to the second of C.S.Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia at school last week. As you know, we like to celebrate when we finish a book! They listen to this series at lunch, so the whole school participates. A family at our church had a “Narnia” themed car for trunk-or-treat last year, and they generously let us borrow their set up. The students dressed up as their favorite characters once again, and we had everything from Edmund to Mr. Tumnus!

After playing a couple of fun games during lunch, each class walked outside to find a mysterious wardrobe…

They all peeked… Hesitated only for a bit…

And followed Lucy, Susan, Peter, and Edmund through the fur coats…

To find the White Witch waiting for them on the other side, enticing them with Turkish Delight!

The wardrobe was made from plywood, and it just propped up against a minivan. The lamppost is plastic and one of the moms found the Turkish Delight at Marshall’s! But the key to a successful voyage to Narnia is a really good, evil witch.

Our campus coordinator, Pamela, dressed up and played the part!

My kids debated and brainstormed about what to dress up as the day before the party, and we tried not to influence them at all. I forgot to take pictures of them before the day started, but snapped a few during recess.

Sam chose to be Peter, an obvious and easy choice for him. But all he wanted to wear was a blue cape. I offered a crown, a shield, to write MAGNIFICENT on his shirt… No, just the cape.

Jeremiah was C.S. Lewis himself. He wore a suit from a wedding he was in two years ago and glasses with the lenses popped out.

Antonella took her time deciding- she really wanted to dress up as something that no one else would think of. And with great success, she chose to dress up as Turkish Delight. We powdered her with glitter and baby powder, and she was as happy as can be.

The Horse and His Boy is next… What will they come up with?

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