Full of Life

The last couple of months have been busy–busier than we expected. Life happening has kept me away from this space, but there are a few things from this past season that I’d like to share with you. While I get those posts finished up, here are a few of the things we’ve been up to…





and playing! 

All this, mixed in with several trips, meetings, a couple of rounds of fevers, and a freaky allergic reaction on my little guy. Yes, we’ve been busy, but I like to think that it is because life is full to the brim… full of the things that make our glass overflow 

To my daughter, about my mother


Your Mamu was there when you were born, and she stayed for a week after to help me. I have a very clear memory of her sitting on the edge of my bed while I tried to nurse you. I was trying and you were hungry and it hurt so bad. With tears in her eyes, she said, “I wish I could take the pain for you.”

I know she would have. And I think this memory has stayed with me because as I held you in that moment I realized that I would know her, my mother, in a new way now. Because of you, I would understand her, who she is and what she has been for the majority of her life- a mother. And her simple, honest words in that moment showed me so much about what it means to be a mom.

She has, in so many ways, carried my pain. Practically she has served me endlessly and unselfishly. She has taken care of me without a thought to her own needs. She has listened to me and counseled me, never judging. But most of all I know that every pain that I have experienced has been carried to the Throne of Mercy by her. And as I have been overwhelmed by her love and protection of me all my life, I so wish to love and protect you.

Your grandmother, Antonella, showed me that being a mother is a joy-filled privilege. And you proved her right.

It is a happy Mother’s Day.

Super Sam Party

We celebrated Sam’s birthday with his classmates at a park across the street from our school. The weather was beautiful, but a bit windy, so we passed on the majority of the decorations that I was going to hang. Sam has loved superheroes for a long time, so this party was so fun for him. I am still learning to be hostess and photographer at the same time, so I felt like I missed a lot of opportunities for pictures, but here is the gist of it: 

We set up one of the picnic tables with cupcakes made by Sarah’s Sweets topped with toppers from Wants and Wishes Design.   

I used gobstoppers to decorate the table and give out as party favors also. I put a handful in small treat bags and stapled the vintage-inspired signs to the bags. 

The real party favors, however, were the felt capes I made for the boys and the supergirl masks for the girls. Each cape had the guest’s initial… Eighteen boys. Twenty girl masks. I free-handed the capes, but got the idea here

I ran out of fabric so the little boys got little capes with their initial in lower case. 

The girls were not as excited to run around the park with masks on as the boys were with the capes! I printed a free template and traced them on the stiff felt you can buy at a craft store by the sheet. 

I really wish I would have lined them all up for a picture, but here you can at least see them running around the park. The preparations leading up to the party were a little more time consuming than I anticipated, but it was so worth it! The park was fenced in and we kept the food simple, so I was able to enjoy the party with friends and the birthday boy! It was too windy for candles, but Super Sam was content to sit on Dad’s shoulders for the birthday song.