Every successful business starts with a great idea…

Jeremiah spent all morning making bottle cap necklaces. He enlisted his sister as a associate partner in his company. They set up a two-man assembly line, taking turns drilling holes, cutting leather, and tying the string.

He made a display stand…

He then pitched his idea to his father, who agreed to support his dream by walking down to the stop sign and setting up shop. Jeremiah’s company now had three employees.

He knew that to really get his company off the ground he had to advertise.

He enticed customers with special offers, like free delivery and buy-one-get-one-free.

I left to run an errand, and I have to be honest and say I had my doubts. He set the price at a dollar per necklace. I was gearing up for a teachable moment, to explain to him the harsh and often disappointing truths of commerce. When I returned, I found that his company now had five employees, and he greeted me by holding up a jar full of money. As the flow of cars slowed down and we packed up to go home, without any prompting he thanked his workers and paid them each a dollar. I guess I’ll have to save my lecture for another day. Jeremiah’s first business was successful. After all, the cars had to stop at the sign, and who can resist this cute kid  bottle cap necklaces?

3 thoughts on “Entrepreneur

  1. How creative and capable your children are at such a young age. You have an amazing family. Truly remarkable. Bottle cap necklaces are a great idea!!

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