Father’s Day Gift

We celebrated Father’s Day with my dad yesterday, and as we went about our usual Sunday routine–big feast, kids running around, lots of lounging and joking and story-telling–I had the thought that maybe I know what every father wants for Father’s Day. I know my husband wants this gift. And I know my father and my father-in-law deeply enjoy this gift, because they have already received it.

My dad and my brothers

I imagine that after years of diligent discipline, sacrificial giving, and unconditionally loving your sons… I imagine that there is great reward in spending a Father’s Day watching these grown boys, these men, father their own children. I imagine that although I know my father would say he’s made many mistakes in raising us and our lives are only due to the grace of God… I imagine that there is the deepest joy in knowing that your sons have followed your footsteps in the way that matters most: leading the next generation to the Eternal Father.

My father-in-law raised two boys, and as the wife of one of them I can only marvel at what an amazing father my husband is. My father raised two boys, and they are devoted and loving fathers. And my father also raised a daughter who is the mother of three boys, who will someday be fathers, and who will someday realize the rich inheritance, the gift, that has been passed down to them from the men who chose to lead them to the Perfect Father.

I am thankful for this gift.

My husband and his brother with their father. Yes, my husband is the one on the left.

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