Go ‘stros!

The Astros are the worst team in major league baseball right now. They have lost more than 50 games. I don’t know much about baseball, but during any particular game there are two, maybe three exciting moments worth getting out of your seat for.

But we’re okay with this. We still go.

To be totally honest, it’s not because we’re die-hard Astros fans. It’s not even because our boys love baseball. We have found it to be one of the cheapest, most fun ways to spend time as a family this summer.

Kids are free! And the nosebleeds are empty… well, most of the stadium is empty. But what that means for us is that our kids are able to run around, be loud, and not disturb anyone. They love going, they love cheering, and they love all the audience participation during the game. They dream of being the lucky row that wins gift certificates!

Three plus hours later, Neil and I have had a chance to talk, the kids are exhausted and dirty, and we have all enjoyed the evening together, with fireworks to boot.

So for now, we’re okay with a losing home team. Jeremiah has already caught on and told me he’s always been a Cubs fan anyway. Sure, we all still are. But you have to cheer for your home team, especially if it provides such fun family memories!

One thought on “Go ‘stros!

  1. you have such a gorgeous family!
    some of my favorite memories growing up are of going to red sox games with my dad. luckily for us, he has always had season tickets so my brothers and i have great memories of these days spent with dad! consider yourselves lucky as well – mostly for having a not-so-successful team that allows for plenty of vacant seats! 🙂

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