Hanging bookshelves

I just realized that the boys’ beds are not the first thing we’ve hung! I thought I’d show you one of the first projects that we did in this house, even though the room is still not finished. As you know, we love to read. We are always collecting books, and they were slowly taking over our house. This was apparent in our last move, almost five years back, when they ended up in every room, in piles and stacks and random bookshelves. My husband has always loved the idea of a home library, so he was up for the task!

My original idea was that the chain would run through the shelves from floor to ceiling, but we ended up cutting it attaching it to the wall because the L-shaped brackets did not provide enough support for the heavy books.

Below you can see the support brackets that run the length of the shelves, one every couple of feet. This is Antonella’s favorite reading spot! We usually keep our library books on these empty shelves. 

The actual shelves are 8-foot unfinished cedar planks. Remember the ladder in the boys’ bedroom? It used to be in here, and we cut it to fit their bunks. There are still a few piles of books around the house… but mostly on bedside tables, with bookmarks and bent ears.

4 thoughts on “Hanging bookshelves

  1. looking over your gray bedroom idea again for inspiration and wanted to take a peek into your more current life. I see you haven’t written much for awhile (I’m at the same stage in my life: less blogging) and just wanted to drop a note of encouragement, from one busy mom to another. our daily work may not be oohed and aahed over by everyone but I trust in my God to take my faithful investment in the lives of my children and secure an eternal and imperishable reward! blessings to you today!!

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