Bean Art

We spend a lot of time at my parents’ house.  They live about half an hour away and my entire family gathers there every Sunday after church.  We also visit during the week, especially in the summer to go swimming!

The kids love it- Mamu (my mom) cooks the best food, Tata (my dad) tells the best stories and Mom (me!) is usually a little more laid back about sweets and cartoons!

My mom always comes up with something crafty and creative for them to do, and we leave it out on the kitchen table for the kids to explore as they please.  Sometimes she gives them a little bit of direction and then lets them go for it.

Last week, they drew pictures, traced them with glue and placed different colored beans and lentils on top of the glue.

Antonella was very deliberate in the placement of the beans.  She carefully chose colors and sizes. Long after the boys had come and gone, she worked.

I love the bee buzzing around!

Sam created a Star Wars themed piece. He’s never seen Star Wars.

Jeremiah’s monster truck was re-visited several times to make the tires larger and larger.

And August… fed the beans to his horses.

I don’t trust him with the glue yet!