The Magician’s Nephew Cake

Our school finished reading The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis last week, so of course we had to celebrate! The kids got to come to school dressed up as one of the characters from the book, and enjoy some Narnian activities during lunch.

At morning assembly, the headmaster planted a piece of toffee in a big pot, telling the kids that it was soil from the land of Narnia. At lunch time, we pulled back the curtains and lo and behold, a full toffee tree had grown, with toffee ready for picking! The kids went crazy- it was awesome.

There was also a trivia game that the classes competed in- winner got the silver apple. It is an actual apple, dipped in white chocolate, and spray painted silver. The first grade won, and sliced the apple into twelve pieces!

The lion was molded out of rice krispie treats by my husband. He is so talented, no?