Our first  house was a 1922 arts and crafts bungalow in Chicago, which we remodeled and fixed up the entire time we lived there. Our second house was a 1940 bungalow, which we had great plans for–only a few projects were finished before we moved to our current house, a 2005 tract home. What this house lacks in character, it makes up for in square feet! And this house has proved to us that working on the home we live in is a hobby and a joy for us, not something we have to do because of the age of the house. Here are a few glimpses into our house, and all the things that we have done to make this house our home.

Master Bedroom: Part One, Two, and Three

Featured on: Ana White

School Room

Boys’ Bedroom: Tour, Resources here and here

Featured on: Ohdeedoh (also here), Designmom, and Ana White

Kitchen: Coming soon!

One thought on “House

  1. Was needing to know how you all rigged the lights to be battery operated led lighting… in the boys “hanging bed” room? Thank you for your time!

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