Adoption Day

photos by my father-in-law, Doug

Early yesterday morning we met our family at the courthouse. Everyone was talking about the weather–it was perfect. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law had the final hearing for the adoption of their son, Jesse. He has been with them for over a year, he’s already family. But yesterday was an important day. A day to legalize that he belongs to them.

As the judge declared him part of the family, he also legalized his new name. The name given to him by his mother and father.

Jesse will never remember the judge, or the courtroom, or even his old name. He will grow up with traditions and customs that are his own, that he will someday pass down to his own children.

However, he will grow up knowing that one day, someone stood before a judge and asked for him, wanted him, took responsibility for him, and called him their own.

It’s a beautiful Gospel.


3 thoughts on “Adoption Day

  1. Beautiful! What a special day for the entire family. Brings tears as I remember how Micah came into our hearts and then into our family. God is so incredibly good!


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